Tuesday, May 31, 2011

notes from friends

there are certain people in this world that i meet and want to hold on to forever. you know, live next door, borrow sugar, hang out with them until you're old and grey. those are the people that i want to do everything for, love on them, bring them dinner when they're trapped in work, and spend the wee hours of the night chatting about nothing and everything.... because they're the people that i connect with. that i cherish. that understand what i say when i don't make sense.

so, kb left me this note last week... it not only warmed my heart but made me laugh for days:
i mean, there's a pig with a bow cast off to the side. does life get any better than this note? i think not.

by the way, kindercastle's new record, number b, came out this last friday, with not only a bang, but igniting the feeling inside of everyone that makes you laugh & cry; where every creative energy within starts rumbling around to create a wild rumpus. so buy, listen, stream. drive around, play games, swim, dance, and whatever you will, because the music is beautiful, and it's meant for summer.

find the people that fill you up and don't let them go, no matter how far they travel and how impossible their schedule is. make time, do back flips, because if they really fill you up, they'll do do exactly the same for you... even if you can only see them at 5am every 14th tuesday. people are worth it.

- k.

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