Monday, May 2, 2011

happy anniversary

today is the three year mark of living in nashville. congratulations to me for staying in one city for over six months.... and i'm currently trying to stay in one house for more than 8 months (but it doesn't look like that'll be much of a challenge this time 'round).

so, now that i'm here, and i haven't any place i'm planning on going, it's time to buckle down and get things moving. the studio is coming along quite nicely, but it's time for me to get my sewing workbench underway and start producing some great clothes.... which also means that i'm looking for a seamstress to apprentice under - know anybody??? - because, boy, i'm rusty, and i have a long ways to go. so, here's my sketch for the table, which i've asked Logan to help me with:

what do ya think? it's clearly not proportional, but i didn't have a straightedge with me... boxes under the left side will be for thread, bobbins, tools, scissors, etc. have any suggestions to make it better?

all this rain has brought me a new pet for my studio : i am now taking suggestions for what to call my snail friend.

so this week : i've gotta get the new Fleet Foxes. watch more French films from Ping (before he gets home), start reading the second Hunger Games book.... and, well, learn about the sea.

- k.
all images ©kbaergen

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