Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday's list :

1. i got my usb-camera cable in the mail this week. hurrah! all the things i've been dying to show you are gonna happen this week.
2. sunday's = good food & great friends. homemade tomato soup, brie, bread & pears. and of course a trip to whole foods & trader joes.
3. water is the most wonderful, magnificent, delightful thing in the entire world.
4. it's may and summer is here. shorts all the time. skirts. dresses. making clothes. amen & amen.
5. jazz did a little shout out to me this past friday on her blog, in case you wanted to read it.
6. yesterday, the 30th of April, Jeff & Jacquie launched their new company, In Tandem. genius, i say. genius. more on this to come.

i love you dearly. enjoy this rainy (if you're in nashville) sunday.
- k.

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