Friday, June 3, 2011

found : monsters, duh.

if you haven't figured this out yet, i haven't done a good job of opening up my life:  i have a deep, inexplicable love for monsters. they're slightly scary, weird, creepy. they're outcasts & loners. they often look weird, with giant mouths or extra eyes (which just draws me in closer). and let's be honest, they don't really want to hurt you, but maybe build a tent/fort in the forest and go canoeing... and they like berries, and i'm pretty sure they love vegetables. which just leaves me, a sucker, for them. i can't help it, i can't resist a good monster. so while this slightly breaks the rules, it is found, it's kind of advertisement, but, let it slide?
this illustration makes my heart happier than most things. geez.
also, please take note that there is a king octopus(?) in the background...
- k
foster the people, torches. 

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