Thursday, June 30, 2011

monster hair

first of all, i've been listening to Lord Knows Best by Dirty Beaches on repeat for the past few days. sooooo good.

secondly, with my broken car, i've just been bumming around town... therefore, my found series is debatable tomorow, and i apologize for the lack there of the last week-ish.

and finally, i wanted to share with you something i did a month or so ago.
a friend of a friend, Ashley Love, needed some updating on her hair styling portfolio (is that even what it's called???), and so i, because of the red hair, was asked to model.
a. Ashley is an incredible hairstylist. i mean, wowza... she did a great job. currently freelance & working for Baxter Salon
b. Quinn Ballard is an incredible photographer.

 dannnnng. did you even know a white girl's hair could get that big???
i mean whoa.... do you see how my eyes are struggling to keep those lashes up?!
i will say, i am certainly not used to having lashes on... so thanks to them for putting up with my teary, heavy eyes.
- k.


  1. oh my godddddd you are so cuteeeeeeeee. if we are ever in the same city i am going to take like 1000 pictures of you and they will probably all be beautiful!

  2. haha. yes. i'm for it. and i hope we're in the same city at some point.