Wednesday, June 8, 2011

skulls & crossbones

the past couple weeks have definitely had their ups and downs, with the downs overwhelming the ups, leaving me thinking of all the possibilities to run away (social anxiety, i told you, it keeps creeping on me).

thankfully there are a couple of people who catch me in those places and set me straight, as much as i scream that i want to run. which is hard, and sometimes annoying, usually reducing me to tears, but i end up thinking through life and where i want to be.  a dear friend reminded me that if i can't be disciplined (and everything great that i want to be) here, a change of scenery can't change that. it's something inside that has to be worked out. as much as i want to travel the world and explore it's corners (even the cold ones), i want to do it with someone, and not be running from anything. oh the woes of someone who's got walls (don't we all? please say yes).

i'm taking up the challenge to be a more productive person and spending as much time in my studio working, refining, researching, and stop pretending like i work all the time, because let's be honest, i don't. i do a whole lot of hanging out and spending time alone. and sleep, gosh, i love sleeping. expect some finished products soon, but for now, here's a tattoo that i sketched up for a friend - a memorial for a friend of her's who passed away this past year. 
i also started a new painting this week, and will show you the progress of that next week. 
and The Tallest Man On Earth has kept me great company this week.
happy week & weekend to you. 

 - k.

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