Tuesday, July 26, 2011

recovery iii

recovery iii

everything seems to happen at once. everyone seems to get hurt. vacations and moves happen at the same time. the people around you change. your job shifts. your entire way of life seems to be altered one way or another. and everything seems off. anxiety attack.

and within an instant you find yourself busier than ever. at least, that's how i feel now. yesterday killed my brain with over ten hours in front of my computer trying to figure out websites, designs, fundraisers, blah blah blah. that's not the point.

everything is wrong and different, and then you're swelling with things that need to be done... and the pieces all of the sudden fit together in a more hectic and different way, but they still fit... and things start to feel right again. the strangeness is new, bright, and hopeful. finally the chaos feels right.
part of the design i'm working on which i'll share with you tomorrow - once the website is sufficient.

- k.

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