Wednesday, November 16, 2011

birthday presents

my birthday is one week away.

exciting, because, well, birthdays are fun. and completely unexciting, because it's just another day... and, this year, falls on the eve of thanksgiving. 

as i've gotten older presents from people gone from expected to now, totally unexpected. which i'm  okay with. presents have become the thing you're going to splurge on for yourself. 

so i've complied a list. a list of things i want. 
i'm trying to decide which of these ten things i will give to myself for my birthday. sounds lame, but i know you do it too. 

1. a new chair for my studio

2. subscription to The Week magazine

3. more plants / hanging plants

4. yellow industrial drafting lamp

5. right angle ruler / t ruler

6. cutting mat

7. new matte knife or a quality exacto

8. new tattoo (either mother mary or my sugar skull)

9. easel

10. watch. for everyday. to lessen the distraction of my phone while i'm in the studio. 

your thoughts???

and ideally an outfit like this:

again. thoughts?
- k

ps. if you're in town tonight, David Ramirez is playing at The Basement & at Mercy Lounge. come. hang. it'll be fun. promise.

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