Sunday, November 13, 2011

where'd all the free time go?

baka baka bear head (this was supposed to be a bear winking, but it actually looks like a one-eyed-bear. so there's that). 

it seems that as the school semester is coming to an end everything is taking longer and there are ten times more things to do.


coincidentally it's the same time that i'm thinking 'wait. why am i writing a paper about the suburbs post wwii?'

oh, you had that question too?  well i'll tell you.  if you remember, i didn't really decide to go back to school until the week before-ish.... thus i had to choose a handful of classes (literally. one handful) just to fill my schedule, and tried my hardest to make sure they were things that i needed... and it just so happens that the only class that would fit into my schedule was a class on urbanization (and i don't mean gold chains and 37" rims).  so while my supposed "free time" is there, it's actually filled with library visits (which i love, but for the enjoyment and self-education purposes), and staring at my computer screen hoping that i can get that introduction paragraph out.... because, let's be honest, the introduction is the hardest.

also, coincidentally, my work days are filled with hopes that a friend or lover (i don't know, it sounded right) would (lovingly) kidnap me and take me to mexico to have some pan... or an island to build a swiss-family-robinson-esque-tree-house.  (dreamy, right?)

obviously, i live in my head.

all this to say, somehow, i've found time to do some creative things on my own. and when i say somehow, i really mean that i made time during my prime creative hours to create and feel free, forsaking my other obligations.

in other news, ellie is living it up in ecuador. it's almost my birthday. i made a badass butternut squash sweet potato soup. the juice fast is happening again. my car broke down (again). annnnnd. i'm still a bit in love with st. vincent.

- k

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