Friday, November 4, 2011

found : love note

well it's back. the found series may be a little less frequent than every week, but at work one day Brandon handed this note to me and said that i needed to get back on the ball. 
so here i am. so many dreamy parts of me want to lock myself in my studio and just work, give up school, forget about everything and work.  then i remember the people i care about,  which brings me back to reality and pushes me to work through the obstacles and obligations. before i know it,  i'll have the luxury of spending my time on my things. 
i'll expound upon this another day. 
happy friday. 
it's november. 
it's very close to my birthday
  (which i'm pretty sure means creating good things and good parties, and pulling out my pentax once again)

- k.

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